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Port Adelaide Demolition & Salvage is a family-owned and operated business — and has been for over 40 years. With this level of experience, we have come to develop a top-tier service. 

We understand the importance of customer service and make that our number one priority. Our service is friendly, prompt, reliable and customer-centric, making our work popular which leads to a lot of repeat clients.
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Q: Can you remove Asbestos from our home or business?

A: Yes, we remove asbestos from homes and business across Adelaide and all Areas of South Australia

Q: Is having Asbestos in our home dangerous for our family?

A: Yes, often we find that this is the case, we strongly recommend you do not disturb areas that you suspect may contain asbestos and call a licensed Asbestos Removal Company like Port Adelaide Salvage to assist you.

Q: Could my house have Asbestos?

A: As a guide for any homes built before 2003, there is a strong possibility of asbestos being present. It’s likely to be found in wet areas, eaves and sometimes under roofing too.

Q: We are renovating, can our Tradies remove Asbestos?

A: No, this is illegal unless they hold a current Asbestos Removal License

Q: How much does it cost to remove Asbestos?

A: There are many factors to consider, like how much asbestos your property contains, where the asbestos is located, the type of specialised equipment required to remove it and also what local council and government regulations need to be adhered to during the process. For example, if you live near a school, asbestos removal work can only be done after hours or on weekends. 

Call us for an on-site inspection and a detailed quote for your specific requirements today.

Q: How do I know the Asbestos waste is dumped in compliance with government regulations and reduced risk to the local environment and community?

A: We only use EPA-certified, government-approved and specifically-designed asbestos dumping facilities ensuring everyone remains safe and that we minimise any potential impact on the local environment.

Q: How can I tell if the job was done right?

A: If the total area of asbestos is greater than 10M2, this needs to be monitored by a licensed monitoring company. Neighbours need to be notified five days prior and we perform a letter drop in your local area to achieve this. Worksafe SA regulations must be adhered to, and a certificate of clearance for the safe removal of asbestos can be provided if required. 

After completion, the asbestos reading should not be greater than 00.1 Percent.

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